Are you balanced in your life? Here is a quick assessment to help you target those areas that may need attention. Your Life Coach will help you interpret and use this tool to set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-limited (SMART) Goals. Circle your answers.

Spiritual (church, spiritual disciplines)
1. I read scripture daily.yn
2. Prayer is a vital part of my life.yn
3. I am being fed at my church.yn
4. I feel worthy of God's grace.yn
5. I have fasted something in my life within the past month.yn
6. I know my spiritual giftings.yn
7. I struggle with strong holds.yn
8. I feel God's Spirit in my life.yn
9. I struggle to be a witness for Christ in the world.yn
10. I desire more of God.yn

Emotional (emotions/mood, time for self, counseling)
1. I cry daily.yn
2. It is very difficult to show my emotions.yn
3. I take compliments well.yn
4. I can give compliments easily.yn
5. I have an ability to read others.yn
6. I feel uncomfortable around people that are hurting.yn
7. I take time to relax.yn
8. I enjoy treating myself.yn
9. Resting is a waste of time.yn
10. Others describe me as moody.yn
Mental (how we think, grow, learn, coaching)
1. I am learning all the time.yn
2. I like to read.yn
3. Some see me as stagnant.yn
4. Others see me as an expert in some way.yn
5. I feel depressed, anxious or stressed daily.yn
6. Sometimes I feel like exploding.yn
7. I enjoy challenges.yn
8. I believe my future will be better than now.yn
9. I worry about tomorrow.yn
10. Sometimes I feel other people or things control my destiny.yn

Social (family, friends, peers)
1. My family is a great support system.yn
2. I have no close friends.yn
3. I feel I can call a colleague and ask a question if needed.yn
4. I can confide in my spouse or close friend.yn
5. I limit the amount of hours I work and I stick to it.yn
6. I have a mentor I trust.yn
7. I feel alone in making decisions.yn
8. I need someone to be with me all the time.yn
9. I spend adequate time with my wife, children, family.yn
10. Sometimes I feel other people take advantage of me.yn
Physical (eat, sleep, exercise)
1. I am over weight/under weight.yn
2. Fast food is a weakness of mine.yn
3. Exercise is a regular part of my life.yn
4. I eat 3 balanced meals daily.yn
5. My blood pressure, sugar, or cholesterol was high in the past year.yn
6. I smoke, drink alcohol or eat in excess.yn
7. My energy level is low.yn
8. I see doctor/dentist at least annually. yn
9. I sleep 6-9 hours nightly.yn
10. My over all health is fine.yn

Financial (give, save, invest, spend)
1. Do you have difficulties tithing?yn
2. I have a retirement plan.yn
3. I worry about funding an unexpected emergency.yn
4. Do you live pay day to pay day?yn
5. Are you earning what you are worth?yn
6. I have a hard time spending money on things I really want.yn
7. I own my own home.yn
8. My budget is on paper and I follow it.yn
9. I feel I am financially unstable. yn
10. I am satisfied with my financial status.yn